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“ Picto “ is a useful app for everybody that are trying to learn a new language.” Picto “ has gathered different collocation of useful vocabularies and joined them with pictures, voices and translations. With integrating vocabularies with Leitner and advanced testing capabilities, “ Picto “ will take to next level.


One of the most essential aspect of learning a new language is trying to learn basic and practical vocabularies. The best way to learn such a vocabularies is to learn them in collocations, visually and audibly.

“ Picto “ works as slide-show of pictures with meaning in Persian. So whenever you get time even for few minutes, you can instantly enrich your vocabulary with new words. Do it while you are having food or even a morning tea! You just have to turn on “ Picto ” on your mobile or tablet

Soon you will be able to use all Lingo group apps with just one account  (cell number) and use the premium features like syncing and reports


• More than 600 vocabularies in 20 categories

• Includes English, German and French language

• Every vocabulary includes

• Every vocabulary includes pictures, translation,                pronunciation and phonetics

• Capability to add the unfamiliar vocabularies to Leitner box

• Capability to test your knowledge from all the vocabularies with report cards and answers

• Improvement and progress graph

• Register in app and backup your profile online

• Synchronize data between different devices

• Set a reminder for reviewing your Leitner box

Use all premium features on three devices at same time With only one purchase

website : http://lingoapp.ir


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