BSim WiFi Walkie Talkie

BSim WiFi Walkie Talkie

Version 1.4
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Walkie Talkie on WiFi

This app acts like a real Walkie Talki. the only thing it needs is a wifi connection and no internet is needed !

Yes you only need to install this app on all the devices that you need to be connected and connect them to the same WiFi network. even if that wifi doesn't have a internet connection it works

You can see all the available devices on your screen and to talk , you hold the PTT Key like an actual Walkie Talkie and start talking and all of the devices will hear you even if the mobile phone is in their pocket of the app is minimum and the screen is off !!

It's really handy when you want to communicate with other people in the office or home very fast and easy and ofcourse with zero cost!

If you download the app and use it couple of times you will figure it out.

Notice that you need to install the app on at least two devices and connect both of them to the same wifi to see how it works

Download is completely free. dont wait ...


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