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Motahih al-Janan program

With sections:

Bob: Claiming

Second chapter: Acts of the year

Third Bob: Ziarat

List of Attached Items

List of Resumes

Bob's first: the night and day

Second chapter: Solemn prayers

Third Bible: The Prophecy and the Truths

Chapter Four: The Excerpts from a Sufficient Book

Chapter Five: Mention some of the tangles

Chapter Six: The Properties of Some Surahs and Verses and Other

End: the rituals and claims belonging to it

We hope to bring this app to spiritual enjoyment and help us to improve our plans with our comments and suggestions to improve our plans

A gift for the hustle and bustle of Faraq Aqa Imam Zaman is the grace of Allah's Excellency Farajeh al-Sharif.

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