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PowerPoint is Easy

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

all meetings will follow you without having to spend additional time and money working with this software to fully learn

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All educational concepts developed in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 version but it does not matter from Version 2010 onwards can install on your system

Topics of this course PowerPoint

- Introduction to PowerPoint Powerpoint
- Introduction to the program PowePoint  
- Work with ribbon bar PowePoint  
- Changing the Agenda view and adding Guidelines PowePoint  
- Work with the present PowePoint  
- Create a new presentation and save it PowePoint  
- Create a new presentation using specimens Office PowePoint  
- Change interface or theme provided PowePoint  
- Visual control using the original slide or Slide Master PowePoint  
- Add headers and footers to provide PowePoint  
- Work with or behind the scenes Back stage PowePoint  
- Working with Slides PowePoint  
- Add and remove slides PowePoint  
- Organize the slides in a section or Section PowePoint  
- Sort slides PowePoint  
- Add pictures to slides PowePoint  
- Add images to slides PowePoint  
- Align objects by guidelines PowePoint  
- Apply effects to images PowePoint  
- Arrangement of layers on a slide PowePoint  
- Remove background images PowePoint  
- Set the font or background color using the eyedropper tool PowePoint  
- Insert a slide Screenshot PowePoint  
- Adding content to slides PowePoint  
- Create bulleted and numbered lists PowePoint  
- Use the Outline view to edit content directly PowePoint  
- Formatting text and create artistic texts PowePoint  
- Use text boxes PowePoint  
- Create and format tables PowePoint  
- Import tables from Excel PowePoint  
- Add shapes and charts to slide
- Add shapes
- Formatting forms
- Slice an image inside a shape
- The integration of forms to create a personal video
- Creating and formatting charts (Chart)
- Use Smart Art to create diagrams
- Add the equation
- Add video, audio and animations to slides
- Adding and formatting video
- Work with video clips
- Add and work with audio files
- Add effects, transitions (Transition) to slides
- Add animation to objects and texts
- Prepare presentations
- Add notes to the speaker (Speaker Note)
- Edit and print the handout (Handout)
- Practice execution
- Create and view explanations
- Review and compare changes with colleagues
- Deliver presentations
- Run the slideshow
- Use presenter view (Presenter View)
- Use highlighted, zoom and other settings at the time of Slide show
Chapter Ten: reuse and share presentations
- Save custom theme PowerPoint
- Save Presentation as a Template
- Printing a Presentation PowerPoint
- Recording and Sound slideshow
- Save the presentation as a video file
- Export as PDF files or JPEG offer PowerPoint
- Send the offer by e-mail PowerPoint
- Remove parts of the presentation in order to prevent their participation
- Online presentations PowerPoint
- Package the presentation for use on other computers

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