learn english audio book Newspaper

learn english audio book Newspaper

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Newspaper Chase Book

Level starter

Audio book with us along with the American accent Persian translation

One of the best ways to learn English story books are graded step by step to strengthen the ability of reading and listening audience.
the mind will remain.

Each book should be read four times in each stage will be to act a certain way.

Since the book is good, you should know the story.

The second stage: in this stage of the meanings of unfamiliar words in the book using the Persian translation practice try to read a book with Persian translation

Third grade: this with the sound, you proceed to read the book. At this stage, since the meanings of all the words of the book of the section and you practice, you should be putting all contents of the book and fully understand the whole story.

Four times: at this stage just run the audio file and listen to the story without using a book and follow it until the end of the book.

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