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UView - will help your video become a viral video. You will very quickly get 4000 hours watching time to turn on monetization for your channel.

How can UView help you do that?

UView - is the biggest community of YouTubers. Youtubers around the world can help each other by sharing their video in UView app and watching video from other. You will get real views and watching time from real users easily and quickly because many people will watch your video.

How to get more views and watching time on your video?
- Firstly, let install UView app and login with your account.
- Select your video you want to promote and make a campaign.
- Order number of views and watching time you want for your video.

We will promote immediately your video to the people around the world.
You need to collect coin to create your campaign by make a purchase or just view other video from other people.

Please remember:
UView is a 3rd party app.
UView do NOT offer the ability to buy view and watching time as it is against the policy. We only a platform to help your video reach out to people, and they can view any video which they feel interested in.

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