Leech breeding

Leech breeding

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This app is one of the most comprehensive leech training that was made for your loved ones in the form of Rickan

Leech is a ringworm. The leech is an animal of the group of aquatic worms and the vinegar. The body of the animal has abundant contraction and expansion, the body length is between 3 to 25 centimeters and the body width is about 1 cm. In front of the body, there is a veneer consisting of 2 rings and the mouth is located in this area, and at the end of the body there is a circular ball of 7 rings attached to it by this balloon and a reciprocating point for moving .

The leech has 3 jaws and each jaw has 100 teeth; a leech has about 300 extraordinarily tiny teeth.

Most leeches live around sweet waters, while some species can be found in the soil and around the seas. The most well-known leeches, such as medicinal leeches used in zoology, are bloody and they feed on verrucous blood and hemolymph invertebrate. However, most leeches are hunted and primarily feed on insects with other ingestion. Currently, nearly 700 species of leeches are known, of which 100 are seas, 90 are terrestrial, and the rest are from the array of sweet waters.

Historically, leeches in medicine (zoology) were used to take blood from patients. The history of zoology surgery dates back to India and ancient Greece, which lasted until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe and North America. In modern times, leech is used to treat arthritis in stages such as re-attachment of body parts in restorative and plastic surgeries and in Germany.

In this app, we tried to provide you very interesting and useful information about leech cultivation to your loved ones so that you become a leech grower.

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