Full breeding ostrich

Full breeding ostrich

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Profit of 1 to 2 million with the killing of each ostrich

An agricultural graduate with the statement "We would like to create a job" said: Ostrich meat has a kin for 50 thousand tomans and no kernel bone is 60 thousand tomans. The sale of meat from the killing of each ostrich comes to 1 million tomans of net profit.

Generating ostrich breeding education

Comprehensive Ostrich Chicken Training

Familiarity with Ostrich Reproduction Period

Learn how to market ostrich

Familiarity with the feeding of ostrich

  Method of breeding ostrich

The profitability of a fourfold ostrich!

Important note about ostrich

Familiar with Ostrich Oil

Familiar with a variety of diseases and ostrich infections

How to start an ostrich breeding project

Learn how to choose and buy ostrich

Instructions and technical health regulations

Familiar with Ostrich Products

Meet the Ostrich slaughterhouse

Familiarity with ostrich diseases

Everything about ostrich eggs

Killing and processing of ostriches

Familiarity with ostrich species

Chick training and fattening

Ostrich hunting education

Reproduction and the Importance of Ostrich Animals

Features of a chicken ostrich

Learn how to keep an ostrich

Meet the Australian Ostrich

Getting to know the ostrich

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