Plate Overlay

Plate Overlay

نسخه ۱.۱
نصب فعال
رفت و آمد

“Plate Overlay” is the app to process the photos of car and cover its license plate .
With this app you can easily cover only the plate, so it helps to protect privacy,when you upload photos of your car to SNS and blogs.

You can choose from 3 modes to cover the license plate.
1. Color Fill - Fill the plate with a solid color. Color can be freely selected, it is also possible to extract from the photo.
2. Pixelization - Pixelize the plate only and make it impossible to read information from the plate.
3. Composite - Composite the design image on the plate. You can create your original design.

With automatic detection function, it is possible toautomatically detect the position of the license plate by setting rough position.

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