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Welding Training

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Welding is one of the methods of production. Its purpose is to permanently connect engineering materials (metal, ceramic, polymer, composite) to one another, in such a way that the bonding properties are equal to the properties of the base material.

Welding is also one of the permanent bonding processes of parts (metal or non-metallic), by fusion or non-fusing, with or without use of pressure, with or without the use of filler material. The welding processes are divided into two main categories: the processes of fusion welding and non-fusion welding processes

In this app, we tried to provide you with a lot of interesting and useful information about the types of welding to your loved ones, so that you become a skilled welder.

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Welding processes

Electric arc welding processes

Resistant welding processes

Solid state welding processes

Gas welding process

Laser welding process

Electron beam welding process

Quality control and inspection

Welding with electricity

Alternating welding

Continuous electric welding


 Metallic alloy characteristic for welding

Arched Welding Process

Welding machine

Welding cables

Welding pliers

Connector nipple



Safety equipment

Welding table

Principle Welding Steps

1. Paying the welding path


3- Connection

4. Installing the electrode

5. Safety devices

6. arc

7- Welding spot

8. Welding

9. Flat welding

10. Direct welding

11. Zigzag boiling

12. Horizontal welding

12. Horizontal welding

13. Boiling up

Welding advantages with coated electrode

welding operation

Classification of electrodes based on the type of wire

Electrodes identification method

Normal Rutile Electrodes

Rutile electrodes with iron powder

Cellulose electrodes

Low-Electrode (Alkaline)

Ways to enter hydrogen

Length and diameter of the electrode

Common building electrodes

Effective factors in welding

Arc welding welding (SAW-Submerged Arc Welding)

Features of subcutaneous welding method

Arc gas welding arc welding (GMAW-Gas Metal Arc Welding)

Characteristics of welding method under gas protection

Types of connection

Types of welding

Edge preparation

The main defects are boiling


Bottom Cavity (Undercut)

Slag Inclusion

Incomplete melting (Lack of fusion)


Lack of penetration (Lack of penetration)

Cracks in the crack


Arc strike



Control the complexity before welding

Controlling complexity during welding

Control the complexity after welding

Principles of design and practicality in controlling complexity

Principles of design and practicality in controlling complexity

Principles of TIG welding or argon welding

Principles of welding tungsten arc covered by protective gas


Equipment required for TIG welding

Power Source (Power Source)

Protective Gas Cylinder

Regulators (flowmeter and manometer)

And ...

Laser welding

Laser welding process

And ....

Plasma welding


Principles and Practice

Required equipment

And ....

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