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😮✔️ The most complete video of Ban Khan's second chapter in the funny program

☺️ With this app, you can access 90 funny and funny videos for free

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🔀 Ability to send video links to social networks (Telegram, Viber, etc.)
🔎 Ability to search in different parts of the program text or audio!
▶ □ Playable videos in the app's exclusive player
⬇️ Ability to download videos by proprietary app downloader
♚ and ..!

ها You need to have a good Internet connection to view videos.
📌 This app is not the official version of the funny program, and any nominative similarities are random.

📌 In this program, because of the free of charge, advertisements have been used that make a very small amount of the user's Internet volume due to the loading of ads.

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