Relax Rain Sound:easy sleep

Relax Rain Sound:easy sleep

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Natural sounds, such as rain, have a beneficial effect on mindfulness, soothe and help to sleep better and faster, reduce stress, focus on work, study or read, meditate and relax your mind. Remember the rainy day or night with the sound of rain. It is recommended to use your headphones or mobile handsets for a better listening experience. A set of 30 sounds of rain in different environments (such as mountains, forests and gardens and the sound of rain falling on the bedroom glass and in the car or on the street ...) and different light sounds with good quality and low volume. Suitable for fast sleeping and meditation, focusing and feeling relaxed and comfortable thinking Beautiful and simple work environment with pictures of rain

You can run the application in the background of the mobile and do other things like browsing the Internet or playing or listening to complementary rain music. The sound of rain will play in the background

There are other features in the app that will help you have a better Barney sound experience

Including thunderstorms that help make the rain sounds more natural.

The timer drive to set the time to stop playing the rain sound may make you fall asleep and can't stop the rain sound? Don't worry about setting the time, after which time the program will stop running

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