Full training PES 17 + 16

Full training PES 17 + 16

Version v5.0
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Full training PES 2017 and PES 2016, from beginners to professionals

Training of PES 2016:

Video tutorials (adjustable handle, Facebook building, construction, lawn and stadium, background editing room, making the ball ...)

Techniques (Kick pad, foot switch types, Hrht of the ball, kind of a two-legged variety of dribbling, etc.)

Tricks (low after eating, the problem of leaking the ball in defense, not to concede a free kick, problem solving rebound ruin, scoring from a corner, etc.)

Shot types (Rupa, fine and high-tech chip, arms, legs, penalties, etc.)

Online Training Game

Solving problems

And ...

Training of PES 2017:

Video tutorials (exercises, problems and errors, free kick, techniques, setting categories, enabling name players during the game to deceive opponents, dribbling and professional techniques, installation fees, passing, best combination, etc.)

Education text (the ball of the foot, the ball technique on the ball, back to back with the sole of the foot, dribbling feet, pass the ball land over an opponent, go to the approaching ball and drop it, dribbling opponent with the foot Instead, a foot switch, dribbling Zidane, dribbling down, dribbling Rvnaldvyy, taking the ball suddenly to the desired location, dribbling Rvnaldynyvyy, a couple of feet, the technique toe, malingering, pull the ball, correct team names and ...)

Note that some training with PES 2017 PES 2016 have in common.

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