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♥iran fitness club♥

Neck - cole - chest - forward arm - back of arm - abdomen - headache - waist - leg and ... along with the name of the movements.

The only Iranian episode will give you one-on-one movements in the form of original and principled motion pictures

The other part of the program includes various training programs from the elderly K and has been translated into Farsi and Farsi for you.

Familiar with all supplements including:

Creatine - Protein - Amino Acid - Glutamine - Vitamin - Giner - Hormonal Supplements ... and their amount and time of use

Getting familiar with body BMI and calculating your body's BMI

An interesting part of the program for professional friends, all the food comes with 100 grams of calories.

Other parts of the Women's Advice Program are for bodybuilding, aerobics and bodybuilding

Note: The very low price of the software is only for a limited time
 Main Titles:
1 Abdominal exercises
2 Shoulder training
3 Neck exercises
4 Back exercises
5 Breast exercises
6 Exercises behind the arm
7 Cole exercises
8 Shin exercises
9 Training sessions
10 Foot exercises
11 Quadruple exercises
12 Forearm exercises
13 Forearm exercises
Minor topics:
1 Swollen tummy with barbell
2 Inverse kranch
3 Under the belly with a fence
4 Frog Lying and Meeting
5 Below the abdomen on the table
6 Raise the knees bent
7 Roll up the knee into the abdomen with the ball
8 Crunch on an aerobic ball
9 Bending to the side with dumbbells
10 Boot up
11 Cranch with cable
12 Kranch standing with cable
13 Pull up the stomach with the cable
14 Abdominal Tumor with Cable (Russian Russia)
15 Cranch sits with cable
16 Cranch crosses consecutive
17 Cranch with the ball
18 Cranch over the head
19th Crunch on the ground
20 Curran on a steep table
21 Cranch is the muscle of the belly on a steep table
22 Curran's stomach on a steep table
23 Move to the side of the abdomen sitting on the bush with the cable
24 Roll of the abdomen
25 Kranch Belly By Car
26 Lifting your knees
27 Bending to the side standing with a barbell
28 Bowling Rolling with Barbell
29 Bending down to the side
30 Bike
31 Windmill with advanced dumbbells
32 Extreme stretch with seat
33 Single-handed weight lifting
34 the cross
35 Cuban press
36 Throw the Madison Ball to the wings back
37 Stomach barbell to chest
38 Bald head press
39 Publishing Dumbbell by putting the head on the couch
40 Stretch the cable to the curved side
41 Bradford Rockie Press
42 Rotate inward
43 Pulling the cable back with the rope knob
44 Head seated with cable
45 Head press with cable
46 Publishing from the front and side of the alternate
47 Stretch the neck to the side
48 Stretch the neck with roll
49 Lying neck with a plate on the couch 2
50 Lying on the bench with the plate 1
51 Isometric neck work - from the front and back
52 Isometric exercise on the neck - aside
53 Stretching the neck towards the chest
54 Cross cable printing
55 Journeys of Horse
56 Stretching the big back muscle
57 Boat device
58 Putting the arm on the wall
59 Boat with cable
60 Dynamic elongation of the muscles behind
And ...
Unique graphics and the only app with the ability to display colored text !!!

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