Professor career(Earn Millions)

Professor career(Earn Millions)

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In the name of Allah

Last update: Tuesday 10 Persian date Farvardin 1395:

- Education mushrooms were home

Tuesday 7 Farvardin 1395:

- Installing gas cooler unit was added

- Train coloring (painting) was added building

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Teacher training working full set complete package step by step and point by point with videos pay only 60000 Rial, you can own a complete package craftsmanship involved in education and without charge during the month the update program the new training course access.

● ◄ Contents:

Home mushroom cultivation training that includes:

● crushing materials

● How soaking

● how to pasteurize

● Mixing seed

● how to keep the mushrooms in bags

● Safety Tips

Complete installation of air conditioning unit that includes:

● Install the outdoor unit

● how to install the indoor unit

● How Piping (Piping Works)

● installation process (mounting trays, stand, and work with tools)

● Education wiring

● evacuation and set up

● How to Charge

● Do not pump

Installing and running PVC which contains:

● Measuring & Cutting

● Equipment

● how to install angles

● how to install panels

● placement of ventilation and air conditioning

● About PVC + help in buying

● ◄ + full implementation and installation training video

Full training plastering, including:

● states plaster

● Materials and tools needed

● How plaster

● How do trowel

● fan feet Kchkary + Hot Tips

● Working plastered rates approved

Full training tiling, which includes:

● states tiling

● important points before work

● how to install and grouting

Installing wallpaper which includes:

● Tools required

● Training under Working

● How to Trim

● how to install and align to the baseboard

● trick to be learned (important)

● how to choose the design and color of the room is set

● how to enhance the work life

● Note (buying and returning rolls) + about Wall paper

● ◄ + full implementation and installation training video

Installing laminate flooring -Parkt that includes:

● Introduction to Film

● Highlights in the implementation of laminate tiles

● how to install laminate flooring

● Trim +-foot train fan

● how the placement of doors and entrances to the edge of the Perth enterprises + + save and hide parts

● ◄ + full implementation and installation training video

Full training painting that includes:

● Choose the right color

● prepare the house

● how to prepare paint

● Getting started

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