Teaching Quran Tajweed

Teaching Quran Tajweed

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in the name of ALLAH

After three months of trying, with the help of ALLAH, the Quran Tajweed learning software could Bazbany it sound simple to you my example.

If you use this software and it's nice to learn things, you can absolutely true Quran with Tajweed and even read the Qur'an reciters.

This software is the result of 9 years of experience servant of the Quran Tajweed.

I've tried the program with the help of Almighty ALLAH willing you are located is friendly and you can really with the program, as well as compliance with the rules of the Qur'an to read.

Please consider the following tips before buying.

Make sure to read the Qur'an for mental and not a word wrong.


Quran Tajweed simple & educational Bazbany

-The Color and lively layout and design

-The Famous reciters with a recitation of the Muslim world including Shhat Professor Muhammad Anwar, Professor Mustafa Ismail and Professor Abdel Baset (Note, only three first reading Shhat professor in the app itself is available and the rest must be downloaded from the Internet. If I wanted to I recite all of it in the app itself rather than the size of the program was very high.)

-The World's top readers with images of Islam

-Hmrah Have audio examples for each module individually (for better understanding)

Excellent User Interface

With luck all of you dear people.

pleas pry for me

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