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A brief Biography of Her Holiness Khadija (S.A.)

This is the first step of our project to provide a brief biography of the great women in the history of Islam who have been examples for the other women and have influenced the Muslim world. The biography of her holiness Khadija as a loyal wife and a devoted friend of the Holy Prophet (P.B.W.H.) and a lady whose name is glittering on the forehead of the Muslim world is being presented. This account of her biography which has been provided to be used through mobile software by all people is the outcome of a research made by two researchers from Sisters Seminary Schools (Hawza\'Silmiyah). The research is based on the Shaydaye Amin Software (a source for the biography of her holiness Khadija) and some other authentic ones. This account provides the interested users with this great lady\'S s life history from the birth to the death, likewise, the important events and critical points of her life which have been knotted together with the glorious history of Islam.


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