کارپرداز I استعلام سابقه کار

کارپرداز I استعلام سابقه کار

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-Would you like to check your insurance records online?

-Are you in demand for tricks to get loans quickly?

-Do you want to know advantages of new updates of Telegram and Instagram Apps?

-Or you may have businesses with public departments and wish to know mechanisms and follow-ups before actually referring to the office?


The “Citizen Booth “Baj-e-Sharhvandi” App answers all your questions. This is an excellent reference of necessary know-hows and FAQs. The app covers a vast scope of questions and answers – from usual questions to specific tricks to be required in emergencies.

It is also very easy to use. You can search different categories and review questions on demand. The app is further provided with a search box wherein you can look up a subject and find all the relevant QAs. You can also see and rate articles by other users. In case you find an article important for you, you can add it to your favorite list of QAs. 

In fact, “Citizen Booth” app is a mobile social network designed to find answers to questions. Across this network, users can participate discussions by responding to questions or voting for questions/answers, so as to update the QA and validate more relevant solutions.

Whether you have a question in mind or you think your skills and knowledge can help others, please install Citizen Booth” app on your device and start your activity today. In addition to knowledge and experience sharing, we have interesting and exciting plans to be announced right here on schedule!

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