Fast charge - coolers Smart Device

Fast charge - coolers Smart Device

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Multi-program applications in an application for Android is free!

1. Three whistle fast charge battery :

✔ hours waiting for smartphone battery unnoticed? Why waste electricity you use? Now you can charge it faster than before. The program manages voltage levels your cell phone, fast charging is possible.
The notifications will be displayed when the charge was made. (Vibration and sound can be adjusted)


2. Intelligent air conditioner to cool your phone:

✔ If you're one of those people who consume too much power and too high temperature of the complainant your Android phone, you will not miss it, because it is one of the best in their field and are Can you solve as many problems. The program has different algorithms for saving battery.



3. Check the battery status:



Features that distinguish it from other similar hold-up:

✤ interface and design of materials.

✤ multi-thread programming, the classification of the tasks and simultaneously run multiple processor cores using the Vzayt to reduce delays and speed up the user interface ...

✤ full personalization and management of resources controlled by the user.

✤ Fine FAQ's

✤ too little

✤ simplify the interface as possible (in this case to say that we believe is designed to build-up an 8-year-old boy and a 80-year-old Bababzrg kind Btvnnd simply use our-up)

✤ supports various devices of Android Gingerbread (Gingerbread) to Lollipop (Lollipop).


✔ free but pay for the program

Download this app is free, but to use all features of this must-up your program from within the program to the full version upgrade.


Solution support and help improve the sustainability of the project:

First of all we Comments yourself with five stars to us in the comments submitted.

And then can you be happy if the program is coming to our permanent user and want to upgrade to the full version of the test program have supported me both proud and use your program.

We are waiting for your warm comments and read.

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