TRX Upperbody

TRX Upperbody

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 For the first time on Bazar!!

  routine for men and women.

  If you looking for a ideal body in less time, we offer you TRX.

  "This type of suspension training systems was developed due to the need of the US army members to maintain their physical body strength at high levels, without the presence of common body building apparatus and in a limited area. The effect, variety and reliability of this product as a method of body weight training, rapidly took it away from the battle fields to the gym area of various sport branches such as football, basketball and volleyball and people’s homes and in this way, most people that put the wellness and training as a part of their life, used STS as a basic for their body strength, inside their sport activities list. This system is so efficient that some professionals call it “YOGA on ropes”."

  On this app, we put some video tutorial for you to strengthen your upperbody.

  There's 3 level On this app: easy,medium and hard. and for each workout there's explanation and tips for you to do it best and don't make a mistake.


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