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The trick Cottages (500 Internet Tricks) - new tricks and practical

500 online trick of all issues related to the Internet you need anything on the Internet. With this program you can increase your knowledge on all issues related to Internet abuse. Including :

The trick Internet browsers: Firefox - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera-Safari

Trick chat and instant messenger applications: Whatsapp-Telegram-online-Facebook-Yahoo-Gmail-Instagram

SEO trick: Yahoo-Google

The trick WiFi and wireless - wireless modems and WiFi

Trick security on the Internet and cyberspace

Trick operating systems: Windows 7 - Windows 8. Windows 10 - Trick Office

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* Some Aztrfndha (to include every trick there):

10 applications on Facebook that you professionalise the way!

2-step authentication Telegram

How to block spam?

Essential e-mail alert Gmail on the iPhone

How we Firefox smarter and faster?

Understanding the characteristics of the cable channel and channel the telegrams training

Animated themes Opera

7 tricks used in Google Maps

Using WPS button on the wireless modem

Protection of confidential telegrams

How do faster web browsing? + Training

Easy and professional blogging

With this trick in Firefox master!

App for faster download online videos

10 ways to merge Chrome and Firefox

How to target spam emails (Spam) not?

Tips for better use of Whatsapp on Windows Phone

Add stickers ready-to-Telegram (Telegram) and make personalized stickers

How to send encrypted email?

Photography of web pages

Instagram photo upload non square with Windows Phone

How to record a conversation on Skype?

12 useful plugin for Chrome browser

Wi-Fi password forgotten how to restore?

Seven Tips for a "Seven Tips for a" Buy Safe Online "

Instagram Likes and Followers Fruitful theme of education increases

Google recommends that you have the right phone

With this software a pro Instagram

4 useful feature Gmail Labs that better enable them now!

Learn tricks Telegram

Several strategies for safe surfing on the Internet

Speed ​​Up Firefox by using HTTP Pipelining

Settings, sync and Features: Firefox vs. Chrome

Learning to use Instagram on your PC

Browser hardware acceleration off

11 useful trick for Yahoo! Mail

Viber application tricks

Measurement with Google map

Software installation process Telegram Telegram and its settings

Enlarge images, without clicking the Add Imagus

Prevent hacking WiFi and enhance their security

Seven ways to prevent getting hacked

Google Chrome Learn tricks!

How different the various emails we send automatic messages?

How to make Firefox a Master Password?

Troubleshooting Kennedy and Hong Chrome

Add notes to web pages

Education chat with Firefox

Non automatically add contacts to Gmail

Learning how to write emails to Gmail Yahoo

Improve typing Farsi and English with functional add-ons

Tips for better pictures on Instagram

Encrypt your Google Chrome

Everything you need to know about Instagram and work with it

Plugins to manage and reduce the consumption of RAM tabs in Google Chrome

Call to automatically send emails

Facebook tutorial for step-by-step

Personalize your browser pages

Tuesday trick "Gmail" to get rid of annoying emails

Chrome bookmarks with new management

The most likely cause consumer problem solving traffic

Applications for Facebook are a few plugins for Firefox +

Retrieve contacts deleted from Gmail

Google has become familiar with these five fun new trick

Wi-Fi trap thieves

5 Tips to attach in Gmail

Back in early education settings in Chrome

Solve the problem of disorganization text in Google Chrome version 38

6 personalization features in Firefox that only you have access to

Do not store passwords in Chrome browser

Google's tools that heard their name

Tips for professional use Firefox, even for you

How to download an entire web site we?

How to reduce the consumption of RAM in Chrome and Firefox?

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