Set | Mobile Payment Solutions

Set | Mobile Payment Solutions

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Set/ Simorq Tejarat wallet

Pay your freeway toll online plus many other services


Payment, as a daily activity is usually accompanied with issues such as risk of bank card balance problems, having no cash, diversity of payment tools and purchasing gateways, and in some cases lack of safe and integrated platforms for electronic payments. These issues, to a great extent, have been addressed by implementation of online electronic wallets in many places.

Having this in mind, in SET development process, we have provided user friendly services owing to latest technologies to prepare a pleasant experience for the users.


Current services

§  Freeway toll online inquiry and payment: Using this feature, you can register your vehicle number plate in SET application and either buy your freeway toll ticket before your trip or call up and pay it after your trip accordingly.

§  Tehran traffic restriction area; inquiry and payment of debts: Easily check and find out your liabilities for entering the traffic restrictions area and pay off.

§  Money transfer (person to person): Sending money to an individual cannot be easier than this; the only thing you need is the receiver’s mobile number.

§  Payment of purchase: You will have no trouble while purchasing items, since SET has devised various secure technologies such as : NFC, barcode scanning and merchant code insertion. 

§  Receiving sales money: Should you own your business, install SET and convince your customers to do so and pay to you with this application, using NFC, barcode scanning or acceptor code expression.

§  Balance inquiry and charging your citizenship card: This has been never easier! You can check your card balance and top-up through SET wallet, without having to wait in public centers’ queues.

§  Money return to bank account: Fabulous! You can request for transferring your SET wallet balance to your bank account, at any time of your convenience. The desired money will be transferred in the earliest possible time.


Other services offered on SET wallet:

Adding to the abovementioned items, it is worth mentioning that you can increase your wallet’s balance through internet and mobile payment gateways using your bank card information, including your internet purchase password. Furthermore, transactions report generation, based on transaction’s types and times are provided for your convenience.



SET/ Simorq Tejarat’s Wallet, is a product of SAMANEHAYE YEKPARCHEH SIMORQ TEJARAT company, which is a subsidiary of BANK TEJARAT, and is active in the fields of electronic payment solutions and services.



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