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Construct2 Toturial

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What is a constraction?

 Construct 2 is a great engine for building HTML and 2D games. And it lets you build any game you like, one of the most important features of the Constraction 2 is its need for programming, everything that's built to make the game is embedded in the powerful and powerful Conestract 2 event system. And this means that without programming, whatever you do with programming, you can do some of the features of Constraction 2 below!

Make the game, without having to memorize any programming language. Construct 2 has an event system, with the least knowledge it can write events and commands in it, with just a few simple clicks. Using this system, you can focus on more important things, such as game design, instead of learning the complex programming rules. All actions and events of the game are prepared in the list. The list is designed to be easily readable and learnable. So that beginners can quickly come to a conclusion. These events can be used in different places in the game and will make you a lot of fun at your time. The use of this event in your understanding and understanding is very user-friendly so that after a while working with them, you'll see more of it. Each step of the game has an Event sheet (the tab that manages the events and events of that stage of the game), but it is also possible to use several steps of an Event sheet. Events can be used in all cases. As a result, the event system is convenient and understandable and does not require programming learning.

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