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Sock Training

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Step by step learning socks in plain language.

In this tutorial, you learn how to set up a low-stocking stocking workshop. Socks can be easily set up even at home or in a basement. Hosiery is a good job and if you are trying to get a good job. You can choose this job as your second job or first job, and earn money easily. In this work, ladies and gentlemen can easily start seeing the tutorials in this app.

Sachs app trains machine full-time with mechanical shearing machine (Persian) working with single-phase power, so that you no longer need to go to the class and do not cost you a lot.

The Iranian sock knitting machine (mechanical) can ease the variety of socks such as men's sneakers, women's, children's, college's and sspart's socks. In Iran, because consumer goods socks are in demand, you can safely create and market your socks. You should know that the mechanical machine (Iran) has a very low price than the computer, and if you do a research, you will find that many Tehran weavers use this type of machine (mechanical). You can buy several mechanical devices (Iranians) in front of a computer system that usually works with three-phase electricity and costs a lot more, and you can get a good profit.

What you will learn in this tutorial:

Mechanical step-by-step training (Persian)

Ironing and packing socks

Work with zigzag and zodiac (in conjunction with socks) (in the next update)

How to buy raw materials for socks (friends living in the city are not at all worried about buying their raw materials. Sax car site instructs you not to buy raw materials for socks in Tehran)

Complete tips on buying sock knitting machines (important)

Introduce people who work on repairs (works) to your loved ones

Sending repairers (dredgers) to the city

Friends can ask us by email or telephone after downloading this app and buying it any questions.

Good luck

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