Driving  questions

Driving questions

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By studying the sample questions of this program and familiarizing yourself with the type of question, you will be more prepared to pass the exam (initial and original).

In this program, 37 basic examinations and 9 technical tests of the driving license have been tested and answered with a score of 1,880 tests, which, by studying these training tests, are ready for you to pass the regulations test. Primary and Primary) will be further enhanced

The tests of this program are in accordance with the new rules (97) and include tests of driving tests that have passed the past, and the mastery of these tests can make your readiness to pass the driving license test.

✔46 Exam Course 30 questions for driving license with answer.

✔ Testing skills = Increased readiness to pass the exam

Note: You should read the parts (yourself) separately (by other applications) and not in this program.

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