Miracle Salavat in life

Miracle Salavat in life

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Salavat is mercy from God, and by angels, he cleanses sins and prays on behalf of the people.

Salavat: Zekra with infinity of virtue and reward

One of the original and precious traditions of Allah, Salavat is to the Prophet and his (Allah) Allah (peace be upon him). Salavat is the best citation for the treatment of diseases, the treatment of diseases and the elimination of problems. Muslims every day, at least nine times in daily prayers, speak it. Let's insert ourselves with Salavat, and put the mention of Salavat in order for our prayers to be obeyed. Salvat

Imam Ali (AS) said: A prayer is a recitation which at the first and the last of it will be sent to Muhammad and Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) Salavat.

And elsewhere, Imam Sadiq (as) says: Anyone who wants to open the doors of heaven to him will send Muhammad and Muhammad (peace be upon him) Salavat.

Salavat's Thoughts

Salavat is the best gift from God for human beings.

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