Spiritual treasure

Spiritual treasure

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A complete and comprehensive collection of prayers and supplications

With the ability to search, tag, share and ...

With a unique graphic environment

This program has the code

1-1-739997-63-0-1 From the Ministry of Guidance.

🔅 Some prayers:

✔ Quranic verses about praying

✔ Unfortunately for wealth

✔ Always love the party

✔ Marriage standards

✔ Always for the kindness of the mother of the husband

✔ For up to seven generations

✔ A way back to love

✔ A way to increase love

✔ Providing marriage

✔ Unable to find work

✔ Home shopping

✔ Getting the answer in the match

✔ Unless to quit

✔Always to upgrade your job

✔As for forgetting love

✔ Unlike business and merchants

✔ Always for the sale of goods

✔Also to fill the bag

✔ Alone for trading profits

✔ Always upgrade your store customer

✔ As for the sale of goods and goods

And .... hundreds of other valid prayers

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