Smart Battery

Smart Battery

Version 1.3
Active installs

What is Smart Battery? When you plug your mobile phone, the LCD brightness changes to the max and the wireless network turnned on. Immediately, after unplugging the mobile phone the LCD broghtness goes off and the wireless network may turnned off. Of course, all of these changes are done based on your commands to the Smart Battery.

You can program Smart Battery for the following cases:
- When charging the phone
- When the charge level is above 80%
- When the charge level is between 50% and 80%
- When the charge level is between 30% and 50%
- When the charge level is below 30%

And for each case, you can define following configurations:
- LCD brightness value
- Wireless network state
- Bluetooth state
- Sleep time
- Vibration state
- Auto Sync mode

By the use of above features you can maximise battery run time while utilising
your device capablity at max.

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