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in the name of God

Hadith Sharif Kassa with voice and scroll

The Hadith of Sharif Kassa is a narrative of the greatness of the Five Al-Adha, a fascinating narrative of the five magnanimity that is centered on the universe; Fatimah and his father and his husband and his children. Peace be upon you, peace be upon you!

Hazrat Ayatollah Behjat Cheddar, as well as other great Shiite scholars, had a special interest in this hadith. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about them was evident from them was the permanent recitation of the hadith of Kassa. He recalled this hadith at nights, and even farther away, he brought together the family members and read with them the hadith of Caesla. Sometimes, in the words of his word, he referred to the passages of that narrative, and sometimes he spoke explicitly about the hadith of Kassa. His belief was that the Imam al-Ajr al-'Allah Al-'Afri'-i-i-Sharif paid special attention to the congregations of the hadith. Sometimes, in response to the doubts about the document of this narrative, I spoke enlightening materials; for example, Ayatollah Behjat Qadsarra believed that those who are intellectuals and accurately look at the wonders of this hadith find the truth of this narrative, and the other No document required.

They said: "Wandering is in the tradition. God knows who miracles are in it, he has done a great job. " This proclamation of that great world is the key to opening the thinking and attention in this hadith.




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