Sabt Rayane

Sabt Rayane

Version 16
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Accurate software for document transfer costs of all documents, official offices of the country

((All calculations and costs are in accordance with the latest amendment of 1399))

With the difference of the most complete and elegant assistant of notary offices in the country

Some features:

- Cost of car documents

- Complete manual calculation

- Full calculation automatically without the need to enter the price

- Property document costs

- Definitely immovable

-- Presell

- Mortgage

- Installment sales

-- right of business

- Immovable peace

- Calculator of the amount of the lease document

- Financial writing

- Tariffs for other services and finance

- Real Estate Advisors Commission

- Information of all notary offices throughout the country by province

References :
• Cooperation of the Notary Office of 43 cities of Rey in amendments and tariffs
• Website to prepare a list of offices

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