Parand hotel - Episode III (end)

Parand hotel - Episode III (end)

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Hi dear loved ones

We are at your service with third episode of the game series jump-style hotel and a little scary adventure

In this episode all the problems and errors in the previous section was removed and the Player smoother and play a more active awaits you.

Jonah steps and adventure (the main character) is more complex and adventure awaits

A short description of the game:

Jonah, the main character on the track and damaged his car at midnight, returning to the field and looking for a place to stay the night there.

Yunus hotel the night there seemed to jump forward. You have to understand that Yunus Hotel Parand strange noises coming and what is going on there.

Your previous episode servant, Jonah realizes that he is suspicious at this hotel after the hotel owner

In the last episode you want to download Yunus realized that this episode was all the work of the intelligence behind it puts all stages

It depends on your intelligence is that finding all stages let behind. Mtmnm that I can :)

If you need support and help, you can stop the movie from beginning to end the game, we see the Episode III and the steps to reject it. Of course, I would recommend that you find yourself steps and see the film.

You can also stay tuned with the following telegram:

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