Parand hotel

Parand hotel

Version 1.0.4
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We are at your service with the first chapter of the adventure game of a stage and jump hotel.

Synopsis of the game:

Jonah main character in the middle of the night on the track and his car was damaged and displaced forward on the road between the two cities.

Need somewhere to stay that night and were jumping in proximity to a hotel after the hotel name. The hotel owner Your name Ghlamh strange and scary things happen that should not Jonah and the steps that follow Harrow continue to uncover the truth.

Please comment after the game to play me and you inform me the pros and cons for us to play on next season's points of view.

To communicate directly with the Aymylmvn we can act on this page.

As well as to inform the other chapters of the game you can visit our site.

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