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Fooling is one of the branches of the science of cynicism in the horoscope of prophecy with the attention of the individual's choice.

In this program of the three horoscope of the prophets, the savior of Hafez and Fal Abid.

Follow the steps below.

Be sure to first make sure your body and clothing are fitted, then imagine the intention in your mind and heart, then finish the Salavati.

First step: Intent

Step Two: Fateha

Step Three: Swear

Step Four: Horrible

The Prophet's Practice:

First, close your eyes and read the Surah al-Hamd by the presence of the mind, now what you want, your intentions, and then click ...

How to cope:

First, close your eyes and take three deep breaths then focus your mind and mind on what you want and then click on ...

Hadith's way of life:

And for Mahal Hafez, the simpler and more popular method is also common.

Attempts to overwhelm him from his Divine of Hafez to his dearest men, God and his mistress (horn).

This type is usually given in the following way:

O Hafiz Shirazi! You're secretive! I swear to God and to your horns that you see me openly and desirous of all that you see fit.

In addition, we must give it beforehand for the rejoicing of the spirit of Hafez, Salavat or Fatiha!

Tips and Warnings:

Hanging over 3 times Hafez's life, at one time for one person, is considered to be disrespectful to Hafez.

Features of the program:

Share horoscope

View the horoscope with commentary

Streamlined and light graphics

Low volume program


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