Inquire with the Qur'an

Inquire with the Qur'an

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Before performing, please follow the rules and then proceed.

In many cases, it is not necessary to have an outlet. Performing a quiz after cases such as consultation and research, etc. which has not yet come to an end, or it is very difficult to make a decision, then it can be done.

So there is no reason to do anything for anything!

This software is based on the correct Quranic method.

- Types of loans (general issues, marriages and transactions)

- Display the text of the verse, the translation of the verse, the number of the verse, the page number and the chosen sura

- Comes with the great references of imitation about the integrity of the software with the software

- Comes with a general guide to hiring outs

App features:

- Submit the application link

- Text subscription

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