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No Chinese Introduction:

Application areas: 📲

1. Familiar with mobile electronic components (all parts and parts of mobile phones)

2. Familiar with the Mobile Repair Tool

3. Several levels of detection, including the problem of charging and capsules

4. Switching connectors (sockets and parts)

5th Cycle

6. The tin of mature ICs

7. Modification of ICs

8. Primary work on mobile phones

9. Explain jumpers and jumpers

10. Shapes for restoration of ICs

11. Learn how to change the touch and LCD models of different handsets (types of brands) ✅

12. An Important Note About Battery and Connector (Introduction to Cycling)

13. Explain the power supply and how to work with it

14. The flow of currents into mobile phones

15.Solve the problem of turning off the phone when calling

16. Interchangeable IC sticker

17. Multi-meter and multi-Meter mode

18. Solved keyboard problem

The problem is the Nokia 1110 blackout

20. Professional iPhone Camera Settings

21. Solve the problem of Huawei 3lite proximity sensor

22. Scroll Screen Shot on Android

23.The Best Unlocked App for Android

24. Removing photo from device without deleting it from Google Drive

25. Everything about rom (operating system)

26.When should Ram be burned on the phone?

27. Full training and step-by-step flashing of Samsung phones with odin

28. Complete training and step-by-step flashing of Huawei phones in two ways

29. All about rotu (definition / benefits / harms and how to rout)

30. Test of the main or fake handsets

What is DRK? A solution to this problem

32. What is brike? And types of bricks

33. Finding Missing or Deadly Phones

34. The reasons for burning hard drives

35. Google Fix Google Account Problem After Flash or Reset Factor

36. Enhancement training

37. Learn how to unlock the bootloader of Samsung phones

38. Learn to identify a virus phone and fix it

39. How do I transfer any kind between Android and IOS? ✅

40. Identifying Android secret codes

41. Identify management codes and factory settings

42. Tips to increase the charging time of your mobile phone

43. Factory Resource Training

44. Browsers for speeding up Android on phones with this operating system

45. Test code for displaying hardware flaws

46. ​​The most used mobile repair flowcharts (I love myself this part)

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