Guide to Pesticides and conditions

Guide to Pesticides and conditions

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Contrary to public perception of agriculture and care of crops to achieve maximum performance requires knowledge and application of established principles of agriculture. Lzvmh principled struggle with pests and diseases is important in several ways:
1. environmental hazards caused by the indiscriminate use of pesticides
2. life-threatening due to the lack of information Nvh formulation of pesticides and loss of whether or not to humans
3. The damage caused by the use of appropriate insecticides against pests and diseases
4-problem created by the lack of resistance in pest poison used Nvh
and etc
the second access.
Of Vyzhpg·hay this software can include:
1-a powerful search option to search for the pesticides
(2) having the wishlist that can easily fit options Mvrdh interest favorites
3. Unable to connect to the cable company without any difficulty to live communication between users
4. Contact Options
5. Amkanh connection to websites and online now
6. Knowledge limit of 200 different pesticides in the country Shamlh mechanism of information, the degree of toxicity, Compatibility, environmental issues, etc.
7. continuous software updates


Some of the resources used in the formation of the contents of the application includes sites and catalogs largest Vmtbrtryn factories and sites under a number of toxins that have been mentioned:

, Catalogs pesticide plant companies, Aria chemistry, put poison wolves, drop-sighted KAVIAN, Sazgan chemistry,% of flowering Co., elixir agriculture etc.

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