Shahid Abbas Doran

Shahid Abbas Doran

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The stars never go away from the sky; let my heart be the sky, and you will remember stars.

This story is one of the Iranian devotees, whose courage and dichotomy became the nightmare of Saddam's day and his mercenaries, and his heart waved many times.

Major pilot of Martyr Abbas Duran, who regretted holding the NAM Summit to Saddam Saddam ...

This program has been prepared by the multimedia service of the headquarters of the Headquarters of Roads of Noor in order to get acquainted with the dimensions and characteristics of the personality and ethics of this great martyr. One of the most comprehensive programs in this field is the biography of this great martyr Paid.

Application sections:

- Biography (birth and childhood-education-martyrdom)

- Operations (Before the Battle - Sacred Defense - Operations)

- the memories

- I'm sorry

- Gallery (Pictures - Videos - Audio - Infographics)

- manuscripts

- will

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