quit amok slowly

quit amok slowly

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Smart software for gradual or sudden quit smoking

With the help of this software you can easily and in a short time quite intelligent planning and reduce their smoking or quit entirely.
Why this software is the best software to quit smoking?

    It is interesting that smoking kills anyone who wants to leave and give everyone knows smoking ... but a few managed to do so would be to mind: Why?
    Because everyone thinks that's a strong will and determination that will take Dan and ... But it's 100% wrong! Why Since smoking was not only the spiritual dependence! Physical dependence as well! How should it be eliminated? We process your smart when we are asking you to help your body suffer without cigarettes reduce dependence spectacular! And yet you really have left! No one left feeling that after some time have returned
  Know that desire to quit smoking is the most important step! And it's the biggest help you to cope with this difficult process, remember you can!

    Policies Link Software

    - I must leave to create a process. In this process a few questions that you can answer them according to their history.
    The software starts with your favorite dip or low consumption to zero
    In this application there is a law

Do not smoke when red page!
    - Calculate the smart time
    Smoking at different times of the day and there are few people who Nkhvabd during the day! So in this application you specify at what time of day you use cigarettes and soft Afzra plans only for those hours!

- Widget with High Performance

Be sure to add the widget application on your home screen to open the software for work need to be

- A strong reminder

Software with strong reminder to change the tool will remind you to important issues

- important points

The application period you wish the interesting facts and statements about smoking and your health notes

- Working with wearable

This application is consistent with a variety of smart watch.

And other must-try performance


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