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Ranginkamoon, The first interactive contents publication network for childeren!

Ranginkamoon has a collection of happy Songs, cute Lullabies and interactive Stories for children.

What is an Interactive Story? If you have a story which you can interact with its objects by touching them, then we call it an interactive story.

In Ranginkamoon, you can interact with objects on the screen and move them. For your convenience, at the beginning of each playing content around these objects dash line is drawn.

In Ranginkamoon contents are released in form of package in three categories (songs, lullabies and stories) every few days. The first package is Free and is embedded in app and you can see other packages on Bazaar page. Each package is installed, its content will be added to Ranginkamoon main menu, which you can play and enjoy them.

Don’t forget to comment please! Your comments will help us to improve Ranginkamoon. For posting a comment, use about us button on main menu.

Try to download and install the latest version of Ranginkamoon, don’t forget/remember, be sure to check Bazaar and enjoy the new and attractive packages!


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