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Name:  Quran Hakim
Version 8.0: March 2018
Version 7.0: January 2018
Version 6.0: June 2017
Version 5.0: March 2017
Version 4.0: June 2016
Version 3.0: June 2016
Version 2.0: June 2016
Version 1.0: May 2016

-Separating  by Juz' , Surah and pages of the Noble Quran.
-Nostalgic and beautiful Neyriz orthography along with other orthographies of Quran
-Four Persian translations available for users to choose
-Separated adjustable font type and size in different parts of the application.
-23 recitation courses of verses and audio translation of Quran with international distinguished reciters and readers' voice ( in order to activate this part of application refer to activation option in main menu).

Recitation courses:
Aboubakr Shateri - morattal 
Ahmad Ajamy - morattal 
Ahmad Noayna - morattal 
Hossein Ansarian - audio translation 
Saad Alghamady - morattal 
Shahriar Parhizkar - morattal 
Abdulbasit Abdossamad - morattal 
Abdulbasit Abdossamad - mojawwad 
Abdorrahman Alsudais - morattal
Abdorrahman Ali Alhudhaify - morattal 
Abdollah Amatroud - morattal 
Abdollah Basfar - morattal 
Karim Mansuri - morattal
Mohammad Mahdi Fooladvand - audio translation
Mahmud Khalil Alhusary - mojawwad
Mahmud Khalil Alhusary - mu'allim
Mahmud Khalil Alhusary - morattal
Mahmud Khalil Alhusary & Hossein Ansarian - morattal & audio translation
Mohammad Seddiq Alminshawi - morattal
Mohammad Seddiq Alminshawi - mojawwad
Mashari Rashed Alafasi - morattal
Motaz Aqayi - mohaddar
Naser Makarem Shirazi - audio translation 

-Providing Tartil recitation for usual usage.
-Providing Tajweed recitation for greater accuracy in learning.
-Providing Mu'allim recitation special to learn reading and recitation
-Providing audio translations of Quran to understand the most prominent Persian translation
-Having official license of using recitations of great reciters of the Islamic world.
-Quran player in all cases and in device's lock screen with full control in the content of verses and translations (without relying on Persian or Arabic keyboards) with an exceptional user interface for simple and multiple specialized searches.
- Sharing verses in messaging and social networking apps installed on your device
- Bookmarking verses
- Setting the repetition times of verse recitation up to 10 to memorize Quran. 
-24 hour-support in the case of any problem with user's demand from within the application at no cost.

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