What Happened!

What Happened!

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"What happened?" A professional calculator verse that says to you, from the day I was born until today, a year and a few months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds of your life!
But this is not all!
Apart from that age to calculate your precise shot each other interesting information on weight, height, date of birth and your sex game that you can not find anywhere else!
He's information Zyadn (25) that yourself can see and enjoy them below:

Your exact age in years and months and days
Equal your age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds!
The number of heart beats
The number of breaths that are drawn
The number of loads that are connected to the sex of your eyelids
The number of loads that have laughed
The number of dreams that you've seen
The amount of blood that the heart has to pump Rg•haytan
The amount of blood your kidneys are filtering
The amount of urine your kidneys are removed from your body
The focus of the eye muscle
The number of your dead skin cells
The amount of saliva produced in the mouth
The number of lost Tarmvhay you sex you
The number of steps you have taken so far
Your muscles, your body weight according to sex
Frame weight of your body
Time to shave men and women to make-up
The flow of blood to the heart put in your body
Time spent in the toilet
The amount of food and fluids you've ever eaten
For when your heart is resting
The number of words that you've been talking to himself and others.
Time spent sleeping you
The amount of sweat that your body has produced
Amount of oxygen that have used
And BMI and the outcome of the

You can also use the program to know how to calculate the numbers of samples to doubt the rest of you!
The program can save your information as well, so whenever you want to use the app again Atlaattvn not need to re-enter.
It is necessary to Zkrh to say this information is provided by scientists and Aksrshvn Marhayyh average, ie not very accurate, and just to know your life from the beginning until now. "What happened?" Was presented to you!
I hope the program's shortcomings and ignore her if she happy with our five-star support.

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