nime shaban 96

nime shaban 96

Version v6.0
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Gracious, Most Merciful

Program on your subject and the birth of Imam Shaban, including textual and multimedia information about the last Imam of the Shiites is necessary and categorized.

It is hoped that the study program earned its creators is blessing your loved ones.

Program topics:

* biography

* Hadiths of the Prophet about Imam

* Hadiths of Imam

* Acts of virtue and Shaban

* SMS Shaban

* Moloodi anthology of Shaban

O Jl Lvlyk Faraj

*** Other Features ***
* Track stunning backdrop
* Full support by the manufacturer to answer your questions
* Ability to send all the text and images via email, SMS, telegrams and other social networks
* Ability to search the full text and subject heading
* Ability to change the font and font size and color
* User Interface very beautiful

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