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List of all classes in different categories

Specifications of each class with all necessary features.

Use of deductions and installment payments from the app

Personal account to define and modify the class and shipping service


Nikaro , a System for introducing and registering  educational classes

You can find(see) the closest class to your residence in any place of Iran, with all the features and choose the most optimal Through the Nikaro app and site.

Profile features  located at educational institutions (schools) Information bank (database):

-Classification (sports, art, ...) or  Category (sports, art, …)

-Address of institution

-Management of institution

-Phone number

- Headline commentary and what will be learned


Nikaro’s Advantages for you:

Database informations with  Active or Inactivity sepration in Nikaro.

User Account to inform the class status and the due date of the installment

Possibility of registeration through your personal account.

Supporting the progress (process) , registration and shipping service

institutions and professors Scoring system

Display privileges for users who have personal account .

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