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The Prophet of Islam (PBUH):

- A house in which the Qur'an is widely read, its goodness will be greatly increased and its people will be expanded and it will shine for the heavens as the stars of the sky shine for the earthlings.

"nasrenoor" application:

An exquisite collection, including the text of the books: The Holy Quran, the prayers of Sahifa Sajjadieh, and the selection of the verses of Mafatih al-Jannan

Program features:

* The complete book of the Quran with all the suras

* Sahifa Sajjadieh's complete book with all prayers

* Selected prayers of the book Mafatih Al-Jannan

* Beautiful and graphic environment

* Complete translation into Persian

* Completely offline and without the need for the Internet

Please help us with your criticisms and suggestions for improving the quality and quantity of programs.

pleas pry for us.

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