Nasim Namaz

Nasim Namaz

Version 5.5
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The breeze of prayer is used to declare and commemorate the religious times. And many other features:

With any program in any province in Iran, no media will be needed in any Iranian city in any Iranian village.

Automatically detects your location or can enter manually

The program has a widget or the same widget.

The program will show you the mosques close to the full map. The roads that go to the mosque also turn red and estimate your location to the place by foot and car.

The program has an adjectives and you can call yourself from the memory card of Azan.

In this program, there is the possibility of choosing a mozzen by the user.

Possibility of sending an SMS automatically after 10 minutes of call to the caller

Ability to send prayers to social networks

With this app you will no longer need any other media

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