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Saadi's Complete books + Meaning of Words

۞ Boostan
۞ Golestan
۞ Divan Poems
۞ Proud
۞ ...
۞ Full description of poet, biography, works and ...
۞ Persian to Farsi Dictionary and Online Dictionary

☼ Note: This program is not free and after ensuring the correct implementation of the program, if you want to open all the parts you need to buy.

1- View the latest read poems

2- Possibility to mark lyrics and songs

3- Possibility to pick up a deal or two orders in one line

4- Has 33 beautiful fonts with fast font size

5- Adorned with 20 exquisite illustrations and 33 beautiful illustrations that are one of the most distorted works selected and edited for text readability.

6. Has 12 Traditional Indestructible Music + Ability to stop auto-playing music when calling or conversation

7. Ability to change search in two search modes based on the first, special boobs and searches regardless of location + lack of sensitivity to Arabic letters and the ability to specify the book to search

8. Possibility to adjust the brightness filter and filter background darkness to reduce eye fatigue and allow long study in different lighting conditions

9. Segmentation of the content for easier access

10 - Ability to jump to the desired row (to display the key of the jump, first hit the search key)

11- Possibility to take photos of lyrics and save high-quality (sdcard0 / _MYGS) + Ability to accurately reduce the size of the image and change the quality to send and share and preview it.

12. Developed with best-practice sampling

13- Possibility to display horizontally and vertically

14. The ability to share and send items in Telegram and Instagram and other social networks

15. Ability to transfer to memory

16. Has a summary guide

☼ Tips:
1. Fonts and floating menus are not displayed well on some devices.
2. Icons and images of the program are the result of months of our graphic team's effort, and their use requires coordinating and insertion of the source.
3. To protect the rights of authors, the content of the online dictionary section is displayed directly on its site and we are not responsible for its continuation.



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