Police WiFi - WiFi Alarm

Police WiFi - WiFi Alarm

Version 3.0
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This program identifies all devices connected to your Wi-Fi (in some cases, the device also displays the name and version) and you can arrest them (internet outage for that device) and access to Internet modem you will not be here.

Devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, TVs and any device that is wirelessly connected to your modem will identify and disconnect them.


- Identify all devices connected to the modem

* Disconnection of the Internet with one touch

- Connecting them again

- View their IP and MAC

- Carry out the task in the background


Note: Any misuse of the program is the responsibility of the user.

This app requires root to run and you need to root your device.

In some devices also need to install software to run superuser is better.

If you experience a problem with my e-mail to keep in touch.

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