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This app helps you get the nutrition plan easily.Looking for a private gym program?

Calorie ratings, step counts, etc. are outdated to the best of results. Solutions to just devoting to the goal of a healthy life can be specialized training. People who can be at the top level have a personal trainer. But you have come up with this coaching app along with this. Just install once! Ask for a service plan or capability and have a free plan you can have for your body.

Obesity and fitness can only be achieved by having a personal trainer. You can make it your own as an expert master. However, you can have the same weight-loss or fitness-coaching obesity as you can with you.

In this software you send your body information and get your own body plan through your personal trainer. You're always in touch with your doctor. Your doctor is always in the process of preparing you for different programs each time. You go to the club but don't have a workout plan? Now with the mobile coach app you can always have a personalized program for your body. Your training instructor will tell you before writing an information plan and accordingly provide a specific program for your body. The purpose of this app is to eliminate the cost of expensive private trainers, with almost 90% of people not using their personal training programs at all because of these costs.

Mobile Coach App Features:

- The correct bodybuilding video and exercises from your trainer

- Training on how to make dietary, energy and…

- Offline video playback mode

- Direct communication with your personal trainer

- Calculating Body Mass Index (BMI)

- Calculate daily calories

- And …

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