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Please God, human dignity, divine nature, immortality and love, values ​​of life.

was. A healthy mind in a healthy body

* Anatomy and human physiology


*skin and hair

* Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants



* Medications

* Diabetes

* Fantastic literature

* First Aid Training

Also new scientific papers will be sent to you every day in Nvtykyshn. Creating a variety of herbal medicine, education Create a variety of face masks and hair. Creating a variety of household and home remedies comets and .......

Does anyone know CPR -Ryvy heart .... ?????

Do you know ways and methods to beautify your face ...... ?????

Are ways to prevent cancer, stroke and pulmonary you know .... ????

Do you know the properties of a variety of fruits ...... ?????

Do you know when suffocation or heart failure or heart attack and what to do when you're alone ????????

And dozens of other questions that should know the answer. Simply by downloading this software you can have a smart doctor and have the necessary training and materials used. Be proud and victorious

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