Islamic treated fruit

Islamic treated fruit

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With regards to all your loved ones and relatives Market Cafe

In the sayings of the prophets and imams always used to eat fruit is emphasized

Our program is based on the traditions and sayings of the prophets and imams to treat diseases discussed with fruits

In this app you read the individual fruits alphabetical what properties and should be used for what diseases.

All fruits are alphabetically sorted and you can search or pick fruit directly access its properties

Also on the program are mentioned, for example, the amount of each fruit for the treatment of fruit for which patient and in what dosage? Or those who have certain diseases in indulgence not to eat these fruits.

In this program Shdh pharmacy of fruit for you Nmayym.hrkdam of fruits are good for a disease, but we do not know which fruit? how much? what time? Early in the morning? after the meal? Before meals ....

Based on the usage of fruits went up health traditions and bring the show for you.

That's why the first book it has been our motto: as of today, will see the fruits of another way!

After the judgment of your own!

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